Vijay Varma On His Relationship With Girlfriend Tamannaah: “We Both Enjoy The Public Attention” 

Vijay Varma On His Relationship With Girlfriend Tamannaah: "We Both Enjoy The Public Attention" 
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Vijay Varma and Tamannaah Bhatia are the new ‘IT couple’ couple of Bollywood. The Mirzapur star recently opened up about his relationship with Tamannaah Bhatia in an interview with Mashable India. He also spoke about the public’s keen interest in their relationship. The actor said that he initially found it surprising how much attention their relationship garnered and added that the attention sometimes overshadowed his film releases. However, Vijay said that he has since grown accustomed to the spotlight.

Vijay said, “Shock laga ki itna logon ko interest hai is mein but I got used to it now. Pehle aisa laga ki meri film release se badi news hai so that was a big revealing of how people see things. (I used to be shocked by how much interest there was in our relationship. Initially, I felt that it was bigger news than my film being released). He added that his relationship with Tamannaah is “strong and lovely” and they both “enjoy” the public attention.

Vijay Varma also shared an anecdote from their journey, describing how they serendipitously “crossed paths” and found each other. He praised Tamannaah’s linguistic skills, noting her fluency in Telugu and Tamil, which he finds intriguing. He said, “Ek hi time par hum log cross hue ek doosre se (We crossed our paths at the same time). So mujhe bahot interesting lagta hai hum dono ka (I find our relationship quite interesting)”

ICYMI: Vijay Varma and Tamannaah Bhatia fell in love on the set of Lust Stories 2. Earlier, the actor shared that he took the initiative to ask Tamannaah out at the show’s wrap-up party which was attended by only four people.



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